Controlling / Business Administration

Our business administration services are comprehensive. Many smaller and medium-sized companies have been using our services on a regular basis for years. They are directly benefiting from always having a reliable point of contact available. Viele kleinere und mittlere Betriebe nehmen unseren Service regelmäßig und bereits seit Jahren in Anspruch und profitieren unmittelbar davon, dass ihnen immer ein zuverlässiger Ansprechpartner zur Verfügung steht.

What we are able to do for you

  • Business Variance Analysis
  • Costs and performance based on your bookkeeping values
  • Medium-term finance plans for planned investments​
  • Forecasts and budget plans
  • Ideas for improving your revenue stream

Finance & Business Services supports you competently in above mentioned fields:


Owner: Irene Fuligna, registered
Business Economist (VWA)
Erkrather Straße 401
40231 Düsseldorf