Setting up a site, subsidiary, representation in Germany

You are an international company, having the intension to set up a site or subsidiary? Alternatively, you are thinking about a representation in Germany?

We take on all formalities for you that you need to consider when setting up in Germany. We have a well-proven network in and around Düsseldorf. We are at your side with useful and valuable information for providing your company with a very good start in Germany.


What we are able to do for you

  • Registering your company with the Trading Supervision Department and Business Tax Office.
  • Applying for and issuing a tax number with the local Tax Authority.
  • Arranging for your entry in the Trade and Commercial Register by a Notary.
  • Obtaining important information for forming your company in Germany. 
  • Arranging contacts with reputable employment agencies.
  • Helping you to search for suitable premises.

Business Start-Up

You have a good business idea? We help you with preparing a meaningful business plan for smooth state subsidies or bank finance.

What we are able to do for you

  • Create a strong and sophisticated business plan as a persuasive document as a basic paper for the Chamber of Commerce & Industry as well as to receive government aid. 
  • Find the right legal format for you and your future company.
  • Create a liquidity-/finance plan for protecting your start-up phase.
  • Provide many valuable professional and practical tips for your future undertaking.


Finance & Business Services supports you by setting up a side/subsidiary/representation in Germany. We take on all mentioned formalities before: or by phone: 

+49 (211) 16 36 50 95.

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